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A Bounty Will Be Placed On A Team By The Host Before Seating.
Whoever Defeats That Team Will Collect 1,000 Bux.

However.... Should The Team With The Bounty Survive And Go On
To Win The Tour, Then They Will Recieve The Bounty

There Will Be A Bounty On A Team At Each Table.
Good Luck & As Always.... Have Fun

The Game Is Reg Std Euchre & Here Are The Rules

~*((( TABLE SETTINGS )))*~
Player to left of dealer plays first.
Game Is To 10.
Allow Players to replace bots.
Watchers allowed.
But no peeking.
Allow all ratings.
Tram And STD On.

Going alone On 9 Is A 3 Point Error.
Let Host Check Table Before Starting.
GL To All & Thank You For Playing

Back Door To Blue Bonnet

***Tempeststarz Euchre League***

Copy and paste the codes to your Customize Tournament Layout
as you see it here in Text Area.
***Rules For "REG STD EUCHRE" Have Been Included***

Good Luck and as always....HAVE FUN !!!