Thank You All For Joining Me.
It's Time For Some...

Played like Reg std EXCEPT
If at any time the KING of SPADES or
The QUEEN of HEARTS is the UPCARD the game is over.
If the King of SPADES IS the up card
DEALERS TEAM automatically wins!!!
If the Queen of HEARTS is the up card
The Team with most points wins.
If game is tied the hand is played out
To determine the winner.
Loners Are Allowed.

Table Settings: REG STD SETTINGS.

Loners On 9 Is A 3 Point Error
Let Host Check Table Before Starting.
GL To All & Thank You For Playing

Back Door To Blue Bonnet

Tempeststarz Euchre League

Copy and paste the codes to your Customize Tournament Layout
as you see it here in Text Area. The game rules have been
included in the Text Area for "BEAUTY & THE BEAST".

Good Luck and as always....HAVE FUN !!!