To obtain the URL for your Tournament Page...
*Right click on URL under the Image you want.....
* Then LEFT click on (SELECT ALL) to highlight the URL.....
* Then RIGHT click again on the URL when it is highlighted.....
* Now LEFT click again on (COPY)....
* You are now ready to go PASTE that URL to your Page Creation......
Or to (TOP IMAGE LINK) Space
On your CUSTOMIZE TOURNAMENT LAYOUT of your tour page.

Good Luck and Hope You Find What You Need.

               *  NEW YEARS 

               *  VALENTINES DAY 

               *  EASTER 

               *  MOTHERS DAY 

               *  ST PATRICKS DAY 

               *  MEMORIAL DAY 

               *  FATHERS DAY 

               *  4TH OF JULY 

               *  LABOR DAY 

               *  SWEETEST DAY 

               *  HALLOWEEN 

               *  THANKSGIVING